Tax Preparation

T.J. Phelan & Associates, LLC provides tax services for individuals and small businesses.

Ever-changing tax laws coupled with changes in individual/business circumstances year-to-year require seasoned and timely tax counsel. Our goal is to minimize your tax liability both now and in the future with proper planning. Bottom line is that we leverage our expertise to keep more of your hard earned money where it belongs – in your pocket.

Individual Tax Returns

  • Working dependent children – typically $50
  • Retired senior citizens with 1040EZ returns – typically $100
  • Homeowners who itemize average $125-150

Business Tax Returns

  • Typically sole proprietors are the simplest business returns to complete and can run as low as $50
  • S Corps, C Corps and LLC returns are all a function of time ($125 per hour) and typically start at $250 and average $500-1000 for all filings.

Business Process Outsourcing

Many small businesses do not need to bear the burden of full time, experienced accounting personnel, but do need varying levels of their service. T.J. Phelan & Associates, LLC helps businesses that need anywhere from a few days of help per quarter to several days per month. This allows small business owners a significant amount of flexibility.

Business Acquisitions & Sales

Buying or selling a business can be a challenge. How much is a business worth? How much revenue, profit and cash flow can be expected from a business?

T.J. Phelan & Associates, LLC can help you sort through all the aspects and factors of buying or selling a business. We have over 20 years of lending & valuation expertise to go with our other financial services.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

T.J. Phelan & Associates, LLC provides the following Accounting and Bookkeeping services:

  • Compilations
  • Bookkeeping & Write-Up services
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Financial Projections and Forecasts
  • Financial System set-up and implementation

We believe in the combination of financial expertise and the utilization of technology to efficiently provide Accounting and Bookkeeping services to our clients.

Business Start-up & Consulting Services

T.J. Phelan & Associates, LLC offers a full range of Business Start-up and Consulting Services which include:

  • Start-up services to help build your idea into an operational and fully functional business
  • Integration of the financial and operational business functions to improve profitability
  • Design & setup of retirement plans including IRA-SEP
  • Technology Improvement